Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

So last night the family and I went to see the new GI Joe movie. I am completely up in the air about this movie. I don’t want to pan it because it wasn’t a bad movie. Actually, it was worth the fifty bucks it cost to get three adults and four kids into a movie. The effects were awesome and so were the action sequences. The cast was easy on the eyes. The thing I am having a problem with is the dialogue and to an extent the acting. Yes, I went into this knowing this is a movie based on a cartoon based on a plastic action figure. I guess what I am having a problem with is there are some really good actors in this film and they were cringe worthy at times. This movie could have been really, really good if the script had been written better. You could use all those cheesy lines like ‘Go Joe!’ and ‘The Joe’s are trapped. We have to get them.’ in a well written script. This movie had a good story. I guess you could say it’s like looking at a piece of chocolate cake and it looks so good. When you take a bite though, it’s like eating a sponge that has been soaked in motor oil.

I think I may be a Gleek. What is a Gleek, you ask. Well, I think a Gleek is someone who loves the show Glee. I think I may love Glee. Why? I cannot say for sure. The pilot was incredible. You got to know most of the cast and kind of got a back story. It ended with the cast doing a great cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. On the surface, it looks like a High School Musical take-off and maybe it is. If you have seen the clip that made it on the web today of the cast doing Salt n’ Pepa’s Push It, you will know this ain’t any Disney knock off.

This show has the possibility of going horribly wrong. Anyone care to remember Cop Rock? It seems to me like someone has finally gotten it right, though. There is a strong story from what I can get from various clips and the pilot. Not only does it appeal to the teens who are going to fall in love with Cory Montieth but I think it will appeal to adults who are looking for a mature version of HS Musical and who are too young to get into the musicals from the Forty’s(not that there is anything wrong with the musical movies from the Forty’s). Criminal Minds is the only show of note that is on during Glee’s time slot. It is very possible this show is going to be a hit. I can tell you it is not leaving my TIVO. I am really excited about this show.

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