Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lets get to know one another a bit

So the last post was my rant against the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. And it was a softer rant than I was really feeling but it was hard to rail against shows I have never watched. I cannot with good conscious do such a thing. So I thought I would share with you all what I do watch and why. I guess it is also my way of sorting out if I am going to drop anything off my season pass list on my TIVO. So, yeah, this has a dual purpose.

CSI: The Las Vegas Crime Lab sees some dark stuff. The bloodier the better. It never seems to bother the CSI's either. I have always enjoyed this one and am proud to say I have seen every episode since the premiere. It broke my heart to see some of the original cast leave but I understood. Gary Dourdan had problems and I could see why CBS and the producers of this show felt they had to seperate themselves from it. Also, I can understand after working so long on a series why William Petersen felt the need to leave. I am enjoying the new cast members and am getting used to them. I am really looking forward to seeing the new season.

CSI: Miami: I honestly have no idea why I still watch this. I began to see the ridiculousness in the season opener that took Horatio and Eric to Rio and Horatio stood under that HUGE statue of Jesus on the hill above Rio. What the heck is he trying to say? I also LOVE the Superman pose he strikes over the weeks dead body with his Ray Bans on. Then we move onto the rest of the team. Poor Ryan has more problems than Carter has liver pills and each one should get him fired but he never does. Horatio swoops in and saves the day. Eric's father is in the mafia. And Calliegh investigates fires in designer white pant suits in F*** me heels. I think this show is like a car wreck; I just can't look away. Oh yeah, lets not forget the episode with the Tsunami...

CSI: NY: Of all the CSI's, this one has hands down the best looking cast, in my opinion. It had a rough start, the roughest of all of the CSI's but it has come into its own. It took the uniqueness that is New York City and capitalized on it. They also did something I never in a million years expected: They listened to their fans and had Danny and Lindsay get married and have a baby. Yes, that is a lot of ands. We do not know if either of them have survived the drive-by that ended the Season Finale. I read somewhere both the actors that play their roles have resigned their contracts so I believe they survived. Although you never know. I will say this: Ed Asner was nominated for an Emmy for his guest role as a Nazi posing as a Jewish person. By far, that was some of the best acting and best writing I have seen in any of the three CSI's. Mr. Asner deserves the nomination and I believe he will probably win it, too.

Bones: Sometimes it feels like FOX isn't giving it the attention it deserves but that is not the case. Fox renewed Bones this past spring not for one season but an unprecedented TWO seasons. I got hooked on this show just this year. I wish I realized what I was missing. It has a terrific mix of Romance, action and humor. The chemistry between Special Agent Seeley Booth(played by Buffy/Angel alum David Boreanaz) and Temperance Brennan(played by Emily Deschanel) is very palpable. One might argue some of the best chemistry on TV between two characters. The rest of the cast make nerds look so cool. The season finale stirred such emotions the creators are now very careful about spoilers. The season finale to me was fantastic. I loved the alternate universe and I loved the final 2 minutes. Yes, Booth and Brennan may or may not have had sex but I think it was the writers way of giving something to the fans and changing the dynamic just a little bit to make that scene a reality someday. Like a peak into the future.

House: I have loved Hugh Laurie since I first caught site of him on the British comedy Black Adder. I actually started watching it because my husband was a bigger fan than I was but he couldn't take the blood. From there, I was hooked. The show was so smart and funny. Laurie's portrayal of House is brilliant. I love the chemistry between House and Wilson. While it follows a fairly episodic formula, anything could happen. When Kutner committed suicide this season, it was so unexpected. And I am so curious as to how they are spinning the whole House being committed thing.

Fringe: Brilliant new show. I love how the episodes are connected but still separate. I cannot say too much about this one as I am not all the way through it. TIVO is storing it safe and sound!

Ok, my brain is mushy so I will continue this diatribe tomorrow. So far nothing is leaving TIVO...

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Anonymous said...

CSI Las Vegas will always be my favourite CSI show. I'm sad Grissom left, but I still look forward to see the episodes without him. Does that make sense? Change can be good sometimes.

CSI Miami on the other hand I can't stand. I despise Horatio. Could he be more awful? What is it with his pose and the sunglasses? The rest of the characters, from what I've seen (I stopped some time during Season One and have only seen parts of the other seasons while zapping or with absolutely nothing else on tv), all feel unreal to me.

I like CSI NY, but it's in a bad time slot to watch for me (here in Germany, that is). There is always another show I like better airing, so I missed most of the episodes. I do like it though and enjoy every episode I get to see in between.

I also enjoy Bones, great cast and I love seing David Boreanaz in another role.

I LOVE Fringe! It has this x-file feeling I loved so much back in the 90's :)