Sunday, August 9, 2009

What I watch: Part Deux and other matters

It has been a long week. My computer has developed the creeping crud. I have it to where it will function most of the time but I still cannot watch videos. It is very annoying since there are good ones out there with Comic Con Videos popping up and the TCA videos up. I have had time, though, to go through TIVO and catch up on shows I recorded and haven’t gotten to watching yet. I am sorry I didn’t watch them sooner.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Paula Abdul leaving Idol. I have no thoughts on the matter, really. I am not an Idol watcher nor am I a Paula fan. Also, why in the world would Katherine Heigl bad mouth her paycheck??? I am not a Grey’s watcher either but come on…bad mouthing your meal ticket will get you in trouble eventually. I am sure they can find some creative way to kill her off if she keeps it up.

Ok, so I began telling you all about the shows I watch and why. It obvious no one is interested but I am going to battle through.

Fringe: I am bringing this one back up again because I finally finished it(I think). Holy Hoppin’ Snot! I was amazed at how they finished this up. Yes there was the signature gruesomeness and seemed more gruesome than many of the episodes. There was also the reveal that PETER IS DEAD…What the frak? Who have we been following all season? Is he a clone? Did he come from another dimension? This show has captured my interest and I cannot wait for the new season.

Dollhouse: This show started out slowly. The first episode was a little lame but boy did it pick up speed. I love this cast! They work so well together and there were things I just didn’t expect. I never saw Paul Ballard’s somewhat attractive neighbor was a doll. Also, his confidential informant is a doll. They were really manipulating him and I still am not sure why. I have two more episodes to go and I am anxiously waiting to watch them. This show is worth a better timeslot.

Supernatural: This is actually the very first show I ever watched online. I was hooked from the first episode. This show will often scare the bejesus out of me. There was one episode that scared me so bad I had to watch it during the day with people home. There are so many pluses to this show. First and foremost, Sam and Dean are HOT. I cannot be the only woman(and some men)who pause when either Sam or Dean are shirtless and the dirtier and sweatier the better. Sorry, had a moment. Anyway, I love how they tackle urban legends and other baddies(who knew angels could be so bad?).

Eureka: This show is almost a guilty pleasure. It makes me so happy. It was smart for SYFY to pick it up again. I always find myself looking forward to summer just for this show. It is a great premise having a town full of genius’ and the sheriff is average. I like the blend of funny and drama. It gets annoying the obvious product placement. They do make it funny but sometimes I don’t want to think of commercials. Still, all in all, good show with a great cast.

Warehouse 13: The premise of this show interested me a great deal, so I was kind of excited. Then the first episode aired…and I wasn’t really feeling it. The second episode made up for all the shortcomings the pilot had. I love the chemistry the whole cast has. Pete and Myka are two characters that truly complement each other. As the highest rated show on SYFY right now, I think this show is going to be around for a while. As big as the warehouse is, I think we will have lots of things for Pete and Myka to investigate.

Leverage: I kind of fell into this show. I happened upon it online and I became hooked. This modern day Robin Hood tale introduces us to all sorts of bad guys each week and the folks they have scammed. The Leverage team finds creative ways to con the money out of the unsuspecting very rich bad guys. Each main character has a special skill that contributes to each con they have and while they don’t always work well together, they get the job done. The writing and the acting on this show is solid and it doesn’t appear to be getting stale.

Sanctuary: I am unsure of this show. I like some episodes and don’t care for others. The whole idea behind this show is Dr. Helen Magnus runs a ‘sanctuary’ for abnormals or humans with special attributes, both mental and physical. They try to protect everyday people from the abnormals and help the abnormals assimilate. If they can’t they live in the sanctuary. There are good abnormals, bad abnormals and the prerequisite evil corporation trying to take over the world. I watch this more for my husband then for me. I love the cast. Honestly, any show with Amanda Tapping in a starring role is good for me. It just gets a little too sci-fi for me, at times.

South Park: This show has its moments. I love its commentary on society. It truly takes no prisoners. Some of the episodes are downright stupid. Others have me rolling on the floor. When it first came out it was shocking, and while it has lost a little of its edge, it still has its unique way of commenting on society.

Reno 911: I have no idea why I watch this. This is another show my husband likes and I watch it for him. It is rude, crude and it makes law enforcement look stupid. I guess it is how some of us see law enforcement. Not sure. Again, it is a car wreck, I can’t look away from.

Simpsons: Who doesn’t love the Simpsons? This staple on Fox has been around for 20 years and doesn’t seem to be getting old. Truly, even if it was cancelled tomorrow it would live on in infamy in syndication. It is nice to be able to sit down with my kids and watch something they find funny and I find funny(some of the time).

Family Guy: This cartoon is not something I watch with my kids. Most of the episodes I find just not appropriate for them. They love the slapstick but they just don’t get the situations. Heck, sometimes I don’t get it. It is worthy of its Emmy nomination because the writing is good. It is great satire for our society. Just not my favorite show. Another one my husband enjoys.

Off the top of my head, that is all I can think of. I am not sure what I am going to add for the new season if I add anything. Understand, I am not saying I am any expert in television. I am more of an arm chair critic. I know what I like and why I like it. I am always up for something different and I will always admit to being a geek.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're having computer problems. I hope you can fix them soon.

Fringe: The finale was awesome, wasn't it? I was totally spoiled about Leonard Nimoy being William Bell, which was sad because I would have loved to be surprised by it, but there was no way to not see that spoiler everywhere. As for Peter, I think Walter "got" him from another dimension to replace his dead son. I wonder if his wife knew? Or anyone else? I can't wait for Peter to find out. On one hand, I want to see how he would react to this, on the other hand, I'm afraid what it will do to his relationshiop with Walter. I love these two together!

I've only watched the pilot episode of Dollhouse and it didn't really catch my interest. I had planned to go back, but it kinda never happened. Maybe I'll change my mind after watching the ep with Jamie :)

Supernatural: I don't have to tell you how much I love this show, do I? :) The only complaint I have is that Sam and Dean aren't shirtless more often ;)

I enjoy Eureka very much too. It's hard not to fall in love with these characters :) I never noticed any product placements ... I'll have to look more closely next time I watch it.

I also watch Warehouse 13, but so far it hasn't gotten me as excited as I thought it would be. I'll continue to watch though.

I love, love, LOVE Leverage! I refused to watch it for the whole first season, because the premise sounded boring. I don't know what I was thinking. When everyone around me suddenly squeed in excitement about the show coming back for S2, I gave it a try, but was still convinced I wouldn't like it. I was hooked from Episode 1. This show is BRILLIANT! My favourites are Eliot (because he looks hot *g*) and Parker, because she's simply awesome :)

I like Sanctuary a lot, and not just because of Amanda Tapping. Season One had lots of interesting stories to tell, IMO, and I look forward to more :) (I don't like the daughter though, the less of her, the better).

Simpsons and Family Guy are also two shows I enjoy very, very much. I don't watch them regulary, but they're on reruns so often, especially the Simpsons, it's hard to miss an episode over the years.

Hey, geeks rule :)

If you watch shows online, have you tried british shows? Because they have some true gems there. Being Human could be something you might enjoy, I think. Great cast and very interesting characters. The plot sounds more like a joke, which made me ignore this show in the beginning, but once I started watching it, I was hooked.